♣Herbal treatment for fungal infections

ALLAHABAD: The hot and humid conditions and bright sunshine has increased the cases of various forms of fungal infection affecting human skin. The cases of fungal infection are on the rise at the OPD of the SRN Hospital of MLN Medical College. The number of patients increase to over 25 per cent during this period which otherwise remains under 5 per cent. The fungal infection affects the elders and children alike. Children suffer from small watery boils on the skin. If neglected, it could lead to nephrological disorders, head, department of skin and venerology, MLN Medical College, KG Singh said. Anupam Dikshit of the department of botany, Allahabad University, said that hot humid climate is conducive for the growth of various fungi like trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton mentagrophytes and epidermatophyton. Among these, trichophyton rubrum could be fatal. Common ringworm infections are `daad’, `khaj’ and `khujli’, which spread rapidly in humid conditions. The symptoms of these infections are irritation on the affected parts, minor wound, faded colour of the skin. The fungal infections spread through contaminated clothes like towels and undergarments. Dikshit said that anti-fungal drugs available in the markets are synthetic and could be harmful. The fungi can best be treated by using essential oils extracted by natural herbs. Irachy sperum or thyme, commonly known as ajwain, is the best remedy against such fungus. If anyone is suffering from the infection, he/she just grind a small quantity of thyme and add a pinch of grinded powder in local cream or moisturiser. Apply the paste on the affected part and see the result. Besides ajwain, other herbs like `saunf’, bay leaf or `tejpatta’, `zeera’, ginger and neem leaf can also be used, Dikshit added.

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