♣ ‘Give better facilities to ayurveda docs’

Pune: The National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA), Pune district branch, will soon stage a protest at the Pune collectorate to demand better facilities and rights for ayurvedic doctors and students specialising in the discipline.

Some of their demands include an increase in the number of seats for ayurvedic doctors in the post of medical officers through the medical officer’s exam by 50 per cent and appointment of ayurvedic doctors in the business sector, and by LIC, the railways and prisons. “We have been trained in both ayurvedic as well as modern medicine.

Ayurvedic doctors are the ones who actually work in the rural heartlands. Our efforts need to be recognised and our demands fulfilled,” Anupama Shimpi, divisional secretary for NIMA, Maharashtra state, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Shimpi stated: “Just like medical centres dedicated to allopathic medicine, we need to have centres and hospitals for ayurvedic medicine at the taluka, district and rural levels.”

On July 12, NIMA, Pune members will protest against the continuation of the Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery (BRMS) course at the Pune collectorate. “The three-and-a-half year long course is meant to produce doctors for the rural areas. But our demand is to do away with this course and have full-fledged, well-trained doctors, especially ayurvedic doctors equally adept in modern medicine,” Chandrakant Kolte, former president of NIMA, Pune, said.

Some of the other demands include increasing the number of seats for postgraduate courses in ayurveda, restarting some of the diploma courses in ayurveda, improving the infrastructure of private and government-aided colleges that teach courses in ayurveda, raising the standards of education thereof and establishing research centres for ayurveda in the state.



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