♣ NRDC scouts for industry partner to transfer technology on herbal hair oil after clinical trials

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), an enterprise of DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, has developed a novel formulation for hair re growth, ‘Herbal V Hair Care’ which is an emulsion of protein derivatives. The Corporation is now aggressively looking out for a potential technology partner for transfer of technology to manufacture the same.

The inventor of the hair oil, Channabasappa UB, is a chemical engineer who formulated the product at his own facility, has approached NRDC. The new formulation has been developed to offer hair re-growth, control fall, dandruff control and stress management.

Clinical trial has also been carried out in Bangalore and other cities. The new formulation has been tested as per US FDA norms for Pupil & Crown Nature of hair fall, the clinical trial using Hamilton Norwood Scale on Male Pattern Baldness at Bangalore and results are found satisfactory. The trial has been conducted on 12 people aged from 24 years to 45 years old. Satisfactory results as per the claims were observed after 27 days, according to NRDC.

The Corporation cleared the product based on its efficacy and contents which include extracts of plants, leaves, flowers and herbs. The emulsifying system is suitable for the intravenous use, because the protein derivatives have been broken into small as micronutrients in the form of droplets, according to Consultant, Business Development, NRDC.

A patent application is pending since November 2008, according to the inventor of the hair tonic. Product is on trial marketing for end-user application at beauty parlours at Bangalore. The product is priced at Rs. 200 for 100 ml.

According to NRDC, the product can be used for different kinds of hair problems. In the case of hair re-growth, application of ‘Herbal V Hair Care’ is recommended for 30 days. In the case of dandruff, an application for five days is recommended. To control hair fall use of the oil is for a week with twice a day application.

The non greasy hair oil formulation increases Keratin formation, improves cellular regeneration, controls formation of sebum, clearing pores and giving strength to follicles which stimulates hair growth and restore luster and radiance to hairs. The product is also known to increase the production of collagen and keratin. It also helps to maintain the melanin production which protects skin cells from ultraviolet radiation.

Other special features of Hair Care formulation are that it is a skin cleanser and stops collagen break down, maintains skin elasticity, opens hair follicle, protects cell membrane, helps melanin production

Reasons for hair fall are attributed to stress, late hours working, pollution and other ailments. “ We do visit the doctors for various illness and infections but hair and skin still lack attention, our hair and skin are exposed to the direct sun and pollution every day. Early and proper detection of the disease with treatment can prevent hair falling, dandruff etc. But we are unaware of effective remedies”, stated NRDC officials.



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