♣ Link Samahan links with Canada

Leading herbal medicine product, Link Samahan with its 15 years experience in Sri Lanka enters into Canada’s healthcare market.

The market leader and Sri Lanka’s most popular remedy for colds, catarrah and other common upper respiratory viral infections, Link Samahan posted yet another outstanding achievement when gained entry into the Canadian market. Link Samahan has satisfied the extremely stringent criteria of the Natural Health Products Directorate in Canada for licensing under that country’s Natural Health Products Regulations.

‘Obtaining the licence from The Natural Health Products Directorate, of Health Canada is a significant achievement. It took over 2 years, because of the extremely stringent criteria imposed under Canadian Natural Health Products Regulations, stated the Chairman of Link Natural Products (Pvt) Limited Dr. Devapriya Nugawela said at a recently held media briefing.

Extensive details of the manufacturing facility in Dompe, its research laboratory and quality assurance systems along with written confirmation of its safety and efficacy provided by practicing ayurvedic specialists had also to be provided.

Dr. Nugawela went on to state “It took a team of specialists, Ayurvedic physicians and scientists over 5 years to finalise the formula and arrive at the scientifically optimized process protocol for producing Link Samahan. It was this rigorous commitment to research, quality assurance and scientific integrity that enabled it to prove successful in obtaining the much coveted licence to market Link Samahan in Canada.”

Prof. Colvin Goonaratna, recounted of how his association with Link Samahan began as Chairman of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation from 1994 to 2001. Link Samahan was tested for a wide range of western allopathic drugs including paracetemol, prednisolone and other steroids following allegations that Link Samahan contained western medicinal drugs. Prof. Goonaratna was able to categorically state that Link Samahan was entirely herbal in composition and contained no western medicinal drug of any kind. The efficacy of Link Samahan is related to its very special formulation and its property of enhancing our body’s natural immune system when taken regularly,” he said.

Besides Canada, Link Samahan is also exported to the USA, India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East and Latvia, and is available for sale in several other countries.



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