♣ Ayurveda seat selection process still in limbo

Good news for engineering aspirants – the seat selection process will begin from Wednesday.
However, there’s no news yet about the seat selection process for Indian systems of medicine.

Even the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) does not know when they will get the seat matrix. KEA administrative officer S P Kulkarni said, “We have not heard from the respective boards. The last thing I heard was that the officials had gone to Delhi for talks. The officials are expected to go there again for further talks.”

The Indian systems of medicine consists of four courses: ayurveda, homoeopathy, unani and yoga and naturopathy.

Last year, this was how the break-up looked: ayurveda was allotted 633 seats in 32 colleges, homoeopathy 191 seats in 11 colleges, unani 73 in four colleges and yoga 49 seats in three colleges.

Sources said the seat pattern this year may be more or less similar. Going by the same numbers, it means students vying for a total of 946 seats are in the dark.

An official said, “Every day, we get scores of calls asking when the counselling will start. We have no news for them.”

Ramya, a student, said, “It is my dream to be an ayurvedic doctor. However, there has been no news of ayurveda counselling till date. If there is further delay, I will have no choice but to join some other course.”


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