♣ It’s waiting time for admission to Gujarat Ayurveda Colleges

Though counselling in the professional institutes in Gujarat began from July 20 this year, applicants will have to wait a bit longer for admission to the 11 Ayurveda medical colleges.

According to the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), most medical colleges are facing staff crunch and problems of infrastructure in continuing with the next academic session.

Members of the Admission Committee for Professional Medical Educational Courses (ACPMEC) said the admission process of Ayurvedic medical colleges is generally done along with the admission process for medical colleges.

An official from the Ayurvedic College Admission Committee said: “Last year, the admission committee carried out the admission process in the Ayurvedic colleges before the CCIM granted permission. This led to chaos, as CCIM delayed the review process.”

Dilip Pandya, Member Secretary, Ayurvedic Medical College, said: “CCIM has sought details from all Ayurvedic colleges, which have a shortage of pharmacists, teaching staff or lacks in infrastructure. Every college has a specific problem. The last date for granting permission is October 30 and we will have to wait till then.”

ACPMEC Member Secretary Dr Pranay Shah, said: “The admission process was conducted in tandem with the admission for the medical colleges because the students prefer government Ayurvedic colleges over the private ones.”

He added: “The per annum fees of government Ayurvedic colleges is Rs 1,000 while that of the private colleges is around Rs 25,000. But the process has to be delayed till October 30 this time.”

There are 455 seats in 11 Ayurvedic colleges — four government, three are grant-in-aid and the rest private, said an admission committee official.



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