♣ Ayurveda medical colleges in red

Prafulla Marpakwar, TNN, Jul 30, 2010, 01.43am IST
MUMBAI: Most of the ayurveda and unani medical colleges not just in Maharashtra, but all over the country, are finding the going tough due to lack of adequate infrastructure, staff as well as patients.

“We conducted a survey of all the 200 ayurveda and unani medical colleges across India and found that only 11 colleges met the prescribed norms,” P R Sharma, secretary, Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) informed his counterpart in the ministry of health and family welfare (MoFW).

The MOFW had asked the council to submit a report on the status of the ayurveda and unani medical colleges, particularly with regard to staff strength, average attendance in OPD and minimum bed occupancy. “Some of the leading colleges fell short of expectations,” Sharma said.

According to the norms, the faculty strength should be at least 80%, average attendance in OPD should be 100 per day, constructed area of the college should be more than 20,000 sq ft, not more than two departments should be without a teacher and the minimum bed occupancy should be 40%. Only those colleges that meet these norms should be given permission for the academic year 2010-11, Sharma said.

Ever since the Centre launched the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), ayurveda and unani medical colleges have been facing an acute shortage of teaching staff. A large number of teachers from government and private ayurveda colleges joined the NRHM, where service conditions are better. In some colleges, certificates of many teachers were forged.

In Maharashtra, there are 65 ayurveda colleges. Barring the four government-run colleges, the rest are facing a staff crunch. “To comply with the norms, we require at least 7,800 teachers. We have less than 4,800 teachers at present. If the norms are not relaxed, then most of these colleges will face closure,” an officer said.

Source: TOI


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