♣ CCIM move to drop regional language as medium of study opposed

Vishwas Kothari, TNN, Aug 9, 2010, 05.57am IST

PUNE: The Association of Managements and Principals of Aided Ayurveda and Unani Colleges in Maharashtra has strongly opposed the Central Council for Indian Medicine’s (CCIM) recent move to approve a draft notification that seeks to drop the regional language while retaining English, Hindi and Sanskrit as the medium of instruction for studies in Ayurveda district course.

The draft notification is currently pending clearance before the Union health ministry’s department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (Ayush). The latter has sent copies of the draft to all the state governments for their recommendation.

Suhas Parchure, who heads the association of colleges, has said that the move to drop regional language as a medium of instruction is `uncalled for and unfair’ considering that a majority of the Ayurveda colleges in the state have been offering Ayurveda studies through Marathi medium, as one of the options, for the last several years.

“We have written letters to all the concerned authorities including secretary to the department of Ayush; CCIM and the state government demanding that the regional language be retained as a medium of instruction,” said Parchure. “We are not opposed to the other modes of instruction but, the regional language ought to be among the option for students,” he added.

Maharashtra has 62 Ayurveda colleges, which includes four government-run and 16 aided institutions while the remaining 42 are run by private unaided organisations. For the past several years, a majority of these colleges have been offering the bachelors degree course in Ayurveda medicine and surgery (BAMS) through Marathi medium by way of an option for the student. English, Hindi and Sanskrit are other options for the medium of instruction.

During the CCIM’s executive body meeting held in the last week of June, a draft notification seeking to drop the regional language from among the four options for medium of instruction, was moved for discussion and approval. “The CCIM sought to justify the draft notification on the grounds that Ayurveda study was going global,” said Parchure, who is a member of the CCIM as well as the academic council of the University of Pune.

According to Parchure, “Ayurveda colleges in the southern states prefer to offer the course through English medium while the colleges in the northern states go for Hindi medium. They also have a dominating presence among the number of members in the CCIM executive body and got the draft notification approved by way of majority despite our protests.”

Parchure said, “The very reason behind dropping regional language as a medium of instruction, is absurd as barely five per cent or more students graduating from Ayurveda colleges in the country go to foreign nations for advanced studies, research or practice. A bulk of these graduates practice Ayurveda medicine in the rural areas where regional language takes a precedence.”

The association has called upon the Maharashtra government to take a firm stance over the matter and recommend to the CCIM that the regional language be retained.


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