♣ ‘More research on Ayurveda needed’

Valiathan delivers the second in a series of Erudite lectures in Kottayam.

KOTTAYAM: Ayurveda is the ‘cradle’ of medicine, chemistry and life sciences, according to renowned cardiologist M.S. Valiathan.

Delivering the second in the series of Erudite lectures at the Mahatma Gandhi University on Tuesday, Prof. Valiathan pointed out that there were very few papers on clinical studies on Ayurveda and that basic science was completely neglected. “Although it is irrational to denounce anything, which one does not know, the renowned research journals still continue to be a mirage for publications from the Ayurveda system of medicine. This trend needs to be reversed,” he said.

The main concern facing Ayurveda is the identification of competent Ayurvedic physicians, who are capable of identifying the concepts and procedures, in agreement with modern scientific protocol. Universal scepticism continues to haunt the progression into newer segments.

He also highlighted the history of Ayurveda in India. “The colonial powers that had reined the country for centuries suppressed anything, which was Indian. Ayurveda was, unfortunately, one among them.

The seats of higher learning, including Nalanda and Taxila, were set on fire and this destroyed the repository of Indian knowledge base. However, the then existing gurukula system of learning ensured that Ayurveda survived the trial through time. Ayurveda continues to be the health beacon for about 70 per cent of Indian villagers. Today there are 250 Colleges, 2 Universities and 45,000 hospital beds in the country for Ayurveda,” said Prof. Valiathan.

Prof. Valiathan expressed optimism that multidisciplinary research initiatives, undertaken by various agencies in India, would laminate the Ayurveda system of medicine to the modern world.



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