♣ Govt bars med teachers in govt colleges from private practice

Prafulla Marpakwar I TNN
Mumbai: In a setback to medical, dental and ayurveda teachers in the state’s government-run colleges, the Congress-led Democratic Front government on Wednesday imposed a ban on their private practice.

On March 27, by an official order, the medical education department had allowed these teachers to practise privately and had withdrawn their nonprivate practising allowance (NPPA). However, it was found that medical teachers in departments of cardiology, cardiac surgery, medicine, surgery and several key department were not available for patients even for routine check-up. As a result, the MED had no option but to withdraw the order.

Significantly, the order issued by MED on Wednesday states that since the number of medical teachers, who had opted for private practice was meagre compared to the total number of medical teachers across the state, it was decided to withdraw the March 27 order.

Now, the MED has warned medical teachers that if they indulge in private practice, then the government will initiate disciplinary proceedings against them as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Civil Service (appeal and discipline) Rules.



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