♣ Kerala drugs control authorities will conduct further analytical test on Musli Power Xtra products

Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai

Following the findings of the analytical study on the ayurvedic product, Musli Power Xtra, by Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research (DIPS&R), the ayurvedic drugs control department in Kerala will conduct further analytical test of the latest batch of the product to confirm whether it is adulterated or not. If it is found adulterated, strict action will be initiated against the company, said Dr T Sivadas, ayurvedic drugs controller of Kerala.

The Delhi-based institute, which conducted the study recently, has revealed that the product is adulterated and admixed with ‘Tadalafil‘ (phosphodies), a derivative of Viagra.

When contacted, the director of DIPS&R, Dr B E Sreenivasan said Musli Power Xtra cannot be said as an ayurvedic product as it is added with allopathic drugs. “Their claim, that it is purely an ayurvedic product, is false. It is a mixture of allopathic and ayurvedic drugs. They are adding allopathy drug into it. The product contains the content, tadalafil, which is generally used for erectile dysfunction. So the company was doing a violation of drugs and cosmetics act,”.

To another question, he said the test was conducted in the most modern laboratory of his institute itself. DIPS&R has sent the reports to the concerned authorities for immediate action against Kunnath Pharmaceuticals.

Meanwhile, ayurvedic drugs controller of Kerala Dr.Sivadas, who is apprehensive about the findings of DIPS&R, said there is less possibility of the medicine being adulterous as his earlier tests proved negative and found no mixing of any allopathic content. He is uncertain about the analytical laboratory of the Delhi institute and expressed suspicion whether it was approved or not. However, he said he would go with another test of the latest batch of Musli Power Xtra. He is not willing to suspend the licence of the company following the study by Delhi based institute. He said he is yet to receive any report or circular from central authorities.

The drug inspector of Eranakulam, Dr.C Y John, who filed the cases against the company with the Moovattupuzha Magistrate Court, also said that since the company is giving wide publicity for the product, chances of adding allopathic contents are less. Meanwhile, Kunnath Pharmaceuticals, in the name of Musli Power Xtra, has engaged in the sponsorship of Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Six months ago, it had sponsored a circus company of national repute in Chennai violating Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act 1954. The company is now facing two cases filed by the Kerala Drugs control authorities.

Apart from the violation of DMRA Act 1954, Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is facing one more case. In October 2009, the Kerala DCA had registered a case against the company for change of ingredient in the product which was the violation of section 33 EE A (d) of Drugs & Cosmetics Act. The charge was that the company had used Safed Musli in place of Nilappana.

Following allegations of adulteration, Kunnath Pharmaceuticals, through some advertisements in leading newspapers, had recently challenged all the allegations of adulteration and declared a cash prize of Rupees 5 crore to any one who could prove adulteration in the medicine. Quoting the ad, Dr Sivadas told Pharmabiz that he would suggest Delhi DIPS&R’s name to demand the cash prize.

Source: Pharmabiz


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