N. Rama Varier Ayurveda Foundation Launches ‘Aavani – a special school for special children’

  • The first complete special school in Madurai for ‘Special Children’, set up in aesthetic surroundings at AVN Swasthya – The Ayurveda Village.
  • Offers integrated approach to training and therapeautic treatment of ‘special children

Chennai, October 24 : N. Rama Varier Ayurveda Foundation – the non-profit wing of AVN Group engaged in Research, Development and Training in Ayurveda and Wellness, announced today the launch of ‘Aavani’ a special school for Special Children. Continuing its commitment in providing holistic treatment to children with Special needs, ‘Aavani’ a special school with a  unique integrated approach to training, and development was inaugurated by Dr. C. Ramasubramanian, Senior Psychaitrist and Honorary State Nodal Officer, District Mental Health Programme, Tamilnadu in the presence of Arya Vaidyan Dr P.V Raghava Varier,Chairman and Chief Physician AVN Group and Dr. Ramesh R. Varier, Managing Director, AVN Arogya. 

‘Aavani’ special school uses AVN Arogya’s unique integrated approach which comprises of yoga, and allopathic medicine and rehabilitation sciences integrated with ayurvedic therapeutic interventions. Aavani has developed complete facilities in the fields of Physiotherapy/neuro developmental therapy, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Special education & Vision therapy In addition to the full range of Ayurvedic therapeutic approaches.

The multi-disciplinary team, headed by senior Ayurvedic and Allopathic specialists will train and guide the children through the program aimed at main-streaming them. Children in Aavani will be put through several programs which include Motor learning (Fine and Gross), Learning disability program, Software assisted  IQ measurement and training, Coloring and painting, Art and craft, ADL-Training, Play therapy, Sensory integration therapy, Vision therapy and Reading and writing.

A special software program Software I-Kyu will be used to improve the IQ level Assessment, Diagnosis, Evaluation & Intervention  of special children who are suffering from Downs syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple disability,  ADHD, Autism,  behavioral problems, and mentally retarded ckildren. Aavani also provides a special Resourse center and support class room for children with learning disability, dyscalculia and Dysgraphia.

Speaking on the inauguration of ‘Aavani’, Dr. Sridevi Rajeev Varier, Director of Aavani, says “The essence of Aavani lies in helping and guiding children to achieve excellence in life.” She added, “The school’s objective is to achieve a balance between the physical, intellectual and social development of the children, helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to take up their rightful place as contributing members of their community”.

Dr. Ramesh R Varier, Managing Director, AVN Arogya, says that “The establishment of Aavani will now reinforce AVN Arogya as a unique holistic speciality health-care provider. This center will not only train children with special needs but also create awareness among the public”. 

AVN Arogya uses authentic ayurvedic concepts and combines it with the best of modern medical sciences, yoga and naturopathy. It offers therapies that are charted out by experienced Ayurvedic physicians and are delivered by well-trained therapists.

About Aavani:

Aavani is a special school established in AVN Arogya, Madurai for children with special needs. The school will train children with disability like Downs syndrome, Cerebral Palsy (All types), Autism, ADHD, multiple disability Developmental delay children. The center is established under the N.Rama Varier Ayurveda Foundation.

About  N Rama Varier Ayurveda Foundation:

N Rama Varier Ayurveda Foundation is engaged in the research, & development of Ayurveda. This non-profit entity is also engaged in the integration & training of ayurvedic & allopathic practices.

About AVN Aorgya:

AVN Arogya is a unique ayurveda facility located in Vilachery, Madurai. The facility is the brain child of Dr Ramesh R Varier, the son of Dr Raghava Varier & grandson of Dr Rama Varier. AVN Arogya uses the best of Ayurveda Yoga Naturopathy and Allopathic medicine to preserve health and bolster thorough recovery. Aesthetically constructed villas surrounded by lush greenery makes AVN Arogya, an ideal spot for therapeutic & rejuvenating treatments. Experienced Ayurvedic physicians, trained therapists and established clinical practices make AVN Arogya a world class Ayurveda centre. 



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