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  1. Charak Samhitãe-charaka
  2. Sushruta Samhitã (Sanskrit)Sushruta Samhitã (English)e-sushruta
  3. Vãgbhata Samhitã
  4. Bhãvaprakãsh
  5. Shãrangadhara Samhitã
  6. Mãdhava Nidãn
  7. Kashyapa Samhitã
  8. Hãrita Samhitã
  9. Bhela Samhitã
  10. Ayurveda Kã Prãmanik Itihãs
  11. Ayurveda ka Vaijnãnik Itihãs
  12. History of Indian Medicine (Vol I,II & III)

GRETIL – Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages and related Indological materials from Central and Southeast Asia Ayurveda, alchemy, etc.

Agnivesa: Caraka-Samhita [selected parts] (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Anandakanda (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Bhavamisra: Bhavaprakasa (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Bower-Manuscript (input by Klaus Wille)

Camunda [Kayastha (= Kayasthacamunda)]: Rasasamketakalika [=Rasasanketakalika] (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Dhundhukanatha: Rasendracintamani (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Govindabhagavatpada: Rasahrdayatantra (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Jyotsnika [in Manipravalam (Malayalam and Sanskrit)] see below  Narahari Pandita [alias Nrsimha]: Rajanighantu [also called Nighanturaja, or Abhidhanacudamani] (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Nityanathasiddha [alias Nemanatha]: Rasaratnakara (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Rasadhyaya (with tika), verses 1-481 (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Rasarnava (patalas 1-12) (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Salinatha: Rasamanjari (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Somadeva: Rasendracudamani, chapters 3-5, 7-16 (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (input by R.P. Das and R.E. Emmerick)

Vagbhata: Rasaratnasamuccaya (input: Adhy. 1-5 by W. Mical, Somadeva Vasudeva and A. Glazier; Adhy. 6-12 by Oliver Hellwig)

Vagbhata: Rasaratnasamuccaya, Adhy. 1-18.29ab, with Bodhini and Tika commentaries (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Vahata: Astanganighantu (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Yasodhara: Rasaprakasasudhakara (input by Oliver Hellwig)

Yogasataka (input by Klaus Wille)


  1. Njce colletion but incomlete it should have TIKA in English or Hindi.


  2. The links are no more working. Please reload it.
    Thank you………..

  3. Harish says:

    Is there a way to get hands on ” Arka Prakasha “?

  4. Dr Lingaraddi M Biradar M.D-Panchakarma says:

    this is very much useful for ayurvedic scholars vaidyas and researchers thanks a lot for this work and add english languagage with meanings of slokas

    • Dr Lingaraddi M Biradar M.D-Panchakarma says:

      this is very much useful for ayurvedic scholars vaidyas and researchers thanks a lot for this work and add english languagage with meanings of slokas

  5. good work ……..upload more books thank u

  6. i need “agastya Samhita” in hindi

  7. Dr Manjunatha T Sasanoor M.D (Samhita) National Institute of Ayurveda says:

    good collection, if u add commentories of differect authors ,that will be more helpful.
    Thank you

  8. Dr. Raghavendra says:

    Plz reload Ashtang Sangrah. Link is dead.
    Nice work.
    keep touching.
    Dr. Raghavendra

  9. Venkatesh says:

    wonder full collection. its good website please in telugu language
    Venkatesh Mahabubnagar Andrapradesh

  10. Wonderful collection and well documented. Thanks to all.

  11. Dr.Santosh says:

    really wonderful collection of all the shamitas , but it could be better to be in english translation with slokas in sanshkirt

  12. ashok says:

    update in journal list you can ad in your list international journal of ayurvedic and herbal medicine this is a very informative journal

  13. dr sundaram says:

    any one has any ref on ghrithams where lipid profile is reduced in such a way active medicament is still full available for therapeutic action.

  14. Dr.Nilesh gawas P.G 2ND year scholar Rasashatra.Tg.a.m.c bellary,,native-Belgaum

    very nice collection,thanks for every body those who have collected..

  15. daniel says:

    thanks a lot for collection

  16. Ramakrishna says:

    Ayurveda Kã Prãmanik Itihãs
    Ayurveda ka Vaijnãnik Itihãs
    History of Indian Medicine (Vol I,II & III)
    Surapala’s Vrukshayurveda

    The above books are not available .

    could you kindly keep them available for download

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